Artist collective onder the roof of Expodium

Nikos Doulos(GR), Mai Linh Ly(NL), Koen Marks(NL), Norna Ross(US), Carlijn Bakker(NL)

2011 - 2013


NIGHTWALKERS was formed to investigate the potentiality of an area's creative forces by initially raising awareness of the given social context and subsequently collectively suggesting various formulations of agency and bottom-up response. It is a platform of knowledge exchange, a place of coming together and a mode of reading of, and 'confronting with' the area's built environment.

NW is a series of voluntary collective night strolls in the city followed by a discussion about the subconscious relations between the participants and the land they walked on. NW attempts to abolish entrenched notions of authorship and suggests night walking as an open tool for anyone to adopt and enhance 












Exhibition Transitions by FOTODOK @ CBKU

May 4th - May 27th 2012
Expodium participates in the exhibition Transitions by FOTODOK, with works by residency artist Anna Okrasko and NIGHTWALKERS KANALENEILAND. In Transitions photographers from The Netherlands and United States explore urban areas in (forced) transition. 


Publication Are U People?

Artist book by the NIGHTWALKERS:Kanaleneiland collective, december 2012

Sold by Nightwalkers:Kanaleneiland Collective and Expodium €5,-

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